What drives our desires? | Branding Top Tips

Drives that influence human behaviour:

  • The drive to acquire – to collect material and immaterial things, like a car or influence.
  • The drive to bond – to feel valued in our relationships with our communities.
  • The drive to Learn – quench our thirst for knowledge.
  • The drive to defend – protect ourselves, our employees or our property.
  • The drive to feel – uplifting experiences like pleasure or excitement.


Whenever a group of people has an unmet drive, a market will form to satisfy it. The more drives your offer or product connects you to your customer, and the better you communicate those drives, the more attractive they will become. When selling yourself to your community, the same idea of “drive” can be applied to your business’s branding, ethos, logo and thought processes.

Do you want your branding to instil a sense of desire? A desire to be part of a solution or a willingness to be unique. Talking about your idea through visuals and words is a chance to express yourself. Building a brand is a chance to re-invent and show the world what you are about, a blank canvas with endless possibilities.

Branding your business is exciting yet hard if you are swimming in the mechanics of making it all happen. Like a knight in not-so-shiny armour, in steps the creative. A professional who can unlock your ideas, embellish and improve them, taking your concept to new heights you may never have thought of.

A well-trained professional designer will view your business from an outside perspective and offer a fresh insight into the potential marketing possibilities it can offer to the outside, be it a tone of voice or visual identity.

Businesses want to be successful, remembered, and recognised. Successful brands wish to acquire repeat business and want to live life alongside their customers. Car brands are an excellent example of this, continually re-inventing themselves with new models and features, always on the move, inspiring and innovating so customers value and desire their worth. How a company is perceived is an essential desire, not just for its customers but also for itself and its staff.

Success Stories

These underlining facts and success stories make branding vital in setting up or revitalising any business. In our super visual and competitive world, our field of view is continuously given high-quality imagery with the mastery of the word. Without knowing it, we have developed an eye for quality and what is desirable. Large corporates who spend big money on branding dominate the spaces with clever rhetoric and visual identities. Because of this, we think that good branding is essential and that cliche logos and expressionless strap lines will be subconsciously re-buffed or discarded not only because our general perceived standard is high but because there is so much of it.

So, Banding top tip no.1. The starting point. Find out what drives our desires and what drives the desires of our target audience, what makes them tick and tap into that way of thinking.

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