First major retrospective exhibition of Caribbean British artist and poet John Lyons - until 25 August 2024

This is a big shout-out to my father, John Lyons, and his first major retrospective exhibition at the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester. The exhibition features a collection of paintings, poems, and drawings that celebrate his love for all that is creative and take me back to my early 1970s and ’80s living in our family home in Manchester. I am so proud of him and wanted to celebrate his achievement with you, as his idea of creativity has rubbed off on me (Cyril Lyons) and my brothers.

Go and see it if you have some time. It looks amazing, and I am so proud.

WHITWORTH ART GALLERY 10th May - 25th AUG 2024

Creative heritage & artistic legacy: John Lyons retrospective and the Lyons family

Manchester’s Whitworth Gallery is currently basking in the glow of a retrospective dedicated to John Lyons, a prominent British artist whose career spanned several decades. The exhibition, a vibrant showcase of Lyons’ work, offers a fascinating glimpse into the artistic wellspring that has undoubtedly influenced his son, Cyril Lyons, the founder of the renowned design agency Freeside Media.

John Lyons’ artistic journey is a testament to the power of creativity handed down through generations. His paintings and sculptures pulsate with a bold energy, often drawing inspiration from the urban landscape and everyday life. This retrospective allows viewers to appreciate the depth and breadth of his artistic vision, encompassing everything from his early explorations of form to his later, more playful abstractions.

For Cyril Lyons, the Whitworth exhibition holds a profound significance. The recognition of his father’s work has undoubtedly been a powerful catalyst in his creative journey. While Cyril’s path lies in design, the influence of his father’s artistic sensibility is unmistakable.  Under Cyril’s leadership, Freeside Media has flourished, consistently producing innovative and visually striking work that bears the imprint of his father’s artistic legacy. 

Freeside Media

The success of Freeside Media can be attributed in part to a unique quality – an agency with a rich artistic heritage. This lineage of creative heritage passed down from John Lyons to his son infuses Freeside Media’s work with a depth and richness that sets it apart in the design industry.

The Whitworth’s John Lyons retrospective offers a valuable opportunity to appreciate the artistic merit of singular talent and ponder the fascinating ways creativity & creative heritage can be a familial inheritance. It’s a testament to the enduring power of creative expression that John Lyons’ legacy continues to inspire, not just within the walls of a prestigious gallery but also in the boardrooms of a thriving design agency.