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Branding, The journey of discovery

During our time in business, we have signed off over 800 projects for more than 1000 clients.

Every business wants to be successful, be remembered, and recognised. Companies want to generate repeat business and to live life alongside their customers. The way a company is perceived is essential, not just to you, but to them as well.

Branding Success

The success of a company and their product or service depends not just on the number of sales and profits they make, but also on brand recognition. Any company that wants to be successful pays serious attention to their branding by engaging with customers relating to them on their level.

As designers, we pay a lot of attention to visual branding (the brand’s identity). Though a small portion of a company’s brand, the visual aspect needs to inspire a feeling. They say first impressions last and the first impression of a brand can give the viewer a feel of what that brand is about without knowing much about it. This feeling that good design creates is what is so exciting about branding. The fact that we can change the way people feel about themselves, their environment and what they do using visual language.

Branding can be seen as the core of a multitude of values, products, services, assets or attributes in the form of an identity. The identity can be the visual manifestation of these values mixed with the desired personality.

So think of your business as a brand when thinking of a name and logo. Think very seriously about colour and feel and research the sector you are in. Look at what other successful businesses like yours are doing for inspiration. The blank canvas is there for you to invent yourself, enjoy it and take your time.


Providing a designer with your own ideas when handing over a brief is a great way of making sure your money is well spent. Have a look at Pinterest a good source of inspiration whilst you write the brief.

Click above to get a feel for what we like and what could possibly work for your project or business. There are some great logos and inspirations. We love Pinterest!