John Lyons | Painter Poet

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As a Trinidadian-born painter and poet, John has practised visual arts since 1959, following his studies at London’s Goldsmiths College, School of Art, and then at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Evidence of his creative involvement: six published poetry collections, an illustrated cookery book with foodie poems, several national poetry prizes, including the Peterloo Poetry Competition, inclusion in the Poetry Archive, creative writing tutoring, and readings in major festivals.

Taken together, John’s paintings and poetry combine his creative skills to make an influential contribution to the cultural and artistic paradigm in Britain today. His work mirrors life in our diverse society and may be found in children’s and adult’s poetry publications in prestigious A.C.E.

sponsored exhibitions, in the Arts Council Collection, the Victoria & Albert Word and Image Print Collection, and as a Windrush Arts Achiever in the No Colour Bar Exhibition at the City of London Guild Hall Gallery.

Website Feedback

“As good as the Tate Modern’s website” one of many positive comments! Hey, we will take praise where ever we can get it! Painter Poet John Lyons works in the Cambridge area with works represented in National Collections.

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