Product Packaging

Product packaging and building a brand from the ground up, starting with a buoyant natural logo and font. Freeside Media updated the website and finalised a range of four food flavours and labels ready for production.

Services Provided
Product Design
Branding and logo design
Website concepts and development
Standard Managed Hosting

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When it comes to marketing and selling your product, desirable and aesthetic branding and tone of voice are two of the most critical factors. A strong brand will make customers more likely to choose your product over a competitor’s product, while eye-catching graphics will help to catch their attention in the first place.

Therefore, investing some time and effort to make your branding and packaging look desirable is essential. Creating a solid and recognisable identity for your product and those who will be consuming it is the key. A hot brand will help build customer loyalty, and loyal customers will be the germination, spreading the word and generating positivity around the product, thus increasing the opportunity for increased sales.