Technical Illustration Instructions & Marketing Support

To produce a set of international technical illustration manuals for the extensive Gelert tent range.

To produce support material for the marketing department in the form of brochures & leaflets and, point of sale boards and digital collateral.

Outdoor Living

Since 1975, Gelert has supplied quality, value-for-money camping equipment and accessories to those who love camping and the outdoors.  |  more graphic design & print

Visual technical illustrations improve product instructions by:

  • Clarifying and simplifying complex concepts.
  • Reducing translation costs and making instructions more accessible to users of all languages.
  • Improving the user experience by making instructions more engaging and visually appealing.

AI can integrate with visual technical illustrations to:

  • Create technical illustrations automatically, saving businesses time and money.
  • Translate technical illustrations into different languages, reaching a global audience.
  • Personalise technical illustrations for individual users based on their product model or language.

For example:

  • Google Translate now translates technical illustrations into over 100 languages.
  • PTC Creo Illustrate uses AI to create technical illustrations from CAD drawings, saving businesses time and money.
  • ARKit from Apple allows developers to create AR technical illustrations that can be overlaid onto real-world objects, helping users understand how to use products in the real world.

In the future, AI will create even more sophisticated and effective visual technical illustrations, such as interactive illustrations that allow users to explore products in detail and learn how to use them in different ways or real-time illustrations that assist as users use products.