Our Design Agency!

Freeside Media is a professional digital agency based in Sandbach Cheshire. Our team have over 20 years of experience doing what they do best, creating beautiful solutions that will convert traffic to sales and improve customer our client’s businesses. We regularly play and keep up to date with the latest design trends and technology that will enhance our customer’s marketing.

Have a look at our latest work and see if we can help you take your business/brand to the next level.

Brand Recognition and Awareness

Marketing your business correctly is important. A professional precise focused brand can inspire your target audience to use your services or products even if the quality is not as good as your competitors. Good design Creates clarity and promoted professionalism, not only for your customers but for your employees as well. Your brand is your shop front and should turn heads with its cleverness and prowess. If you are looking for a rework of your current brand, we can take a look at all the bad parts that appear outdated and build and plan around the good parts. The desired outcome will be to convert more customers and to thrive.

If you’re looking for a new look or to build a new venture or business, then we are here to help. At Freeside Media we aren’t happy until you are entirely satisfied with your end product. We also appreciate that not everyone has the big marketing budgets so our team can tailor a package to suit your budget.

What is it going to cost?

Well, one could say, How long is a piece of string? Every business is unique and will have specific needs, however, from our years of experience, we know there is always an X amount of hours from planning and design meetings to the delivery of the final product or service. So costs generally depend on:

  • What you need to achieve
  • If you would like to be on a retainer, where we dedicate a certain amount of hours a month to work on your marketing, internal documents, e-mailers and social media or exhibition banners
  • If you would like us to populate your website with information and products on a regular basis.
  • If you would like us on site, working closely with Directors and Managers
  • If you need one-off marketing graphics to help inspire your visitors
  • How much promotion you are looking to put out there.

My budget this year?

Keeping track of your budget is an essential way of planning your marketing strategy. Most of us have a busy schedule so knowing where you stand can give you peace of mind. With a set budget, you can get on with your job knowing that you are being well represented without unexpected costs.

We offer reasonable retainer packages to suit any size of a business and their marketing needs. Our experience will ultimately become your marketing success.

Stress over!