Branding & Corporate ID - Aims Management

Aims Management provides advice and ground breaking solutions that enable productive growth alongside business goals.

The Aims management project. To establish a company brand and ethos that will drive the business and the businesses they help.

The logo

The triangle in the logo represents the Greek letter “Delta” which is used in mathematics meaning “change”.  This change brings the circle to near completion and also the helps the business keep flowing and thus keeping the momentum that is crucial for achieving its goals and AIMS.

The brand & strap-line "Tomorrow Today"

Quite simply, we wanted to emphasise the point about obstacles being put in the way of a business being successful. One of these obstacles can be delaying decisions and actions. Aims help make the right decisions and a healthy future in business.

The second was to establish a solid digital and web presence in the form of:

  • A website built with a content management system
  • Social Media support
  • Carousel graphics
  • Business Stationery




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